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Esperanza Agbayani


5 user7867643

I have my full confidence in Espie’s abilities to close any transactions in timely fashion, she is knowledgeable and a skillful in any type of business she handles. She is an expert in Real Estate and trustworthy. She is honest and fair. I highly recommend Espie when it comes to Real Estate transactions…..she really knows her craft!

5 user899194

I give 5 star for sure.She is very proffessional.She help us buy a short sale property with good price,we got it within 2 month . We are invester, she did very details.She took care of every steps. We are satisfied with her.

5 hermie francisco

I’m a real estate investor for a long time and since I relocated to Sacramento area in 2000, Espie has been my realtor. During that period, I have 2 SFR purchases and (1) listing with her of the same type of properties. Espie is very professional and very knowledgeable in all phases of real estate transactions including listing, making offers opening escrow and closing and most importantly, in negotiating with all involved party. Needless to say, I’m very satisfied with her performance and I have already informed her that I will list one property in Q1 2014.

5 lasernathelma

Espie Agbayani suggested that short selling my house was preferable than foreclosing it. I couldn’t afford my expensive mortgage because of loss of income due to my spouse passing. She helped me go through the short sale process with ease and in timely basis. She gave me a timeline regarding the moving situation; I was grateful because it was my first time to move from place to place. Now she’s helping me to buy a below market rate property because apartment rent are increasing yearly. She’s guiding me on who to contact for getting an approval.

5 user8645878

Espie is a very experienced and courteous real estate professional. She helped guide us through the process of buying our first house, and we are extremely pleased with the result. The process was smooth, and she worked diligently on our behalf. Also, she is pleasant to work with. I would recommend her to you.

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I never knew Espie Agbayani until the first time I called her when I saw that she was one of the agents of a property I was eyeing. She guided me on the step by step process beginning from contacting a loan officer, which she also recommended, to making offers to the property, up to the closing of the escrow. She is very knowledgeable of her craft and has passion to what she does. Espie is very patient and the most that I like about our buyer-agent relationship is that she treated me like her own sister. I highly recommend Espie Agbayani to anyone wanting to own or sell their property.

5 kinshoo tyagi

I was very fortunate to meet Espie and help me with my first home. She took the time to get to know me, my preferences and my needs. She worked fast and made things happen, always had great follow through. She helped me understand the whole buying process and was also refer me to a great mortgage loan officer. They both worked hard to get me the best deal and always looked out for my interests. Yoi won’t go wrong with Espie!!

5 gmochoa921

Espie is very diligent in her work. Although she is sometimes too busy, she takes time to respond as promptly as possible. She is knowledgeable with the real estate purchase process, and is eager to help. I have not yet seen her in action to test her negotiation skills, but I envision that she will deliver when necessary.

5 galinato5

Espie was my sons agent when he bought his house. Shes very patient showing diff houses which best for his budget. She’ll let you decide which of his best interest not hers which I think is very ethical of doing business. Very knowledgeable on her trade and try her best to get u best deal. I would definitely recommend her to anybody to be your agent

5 lagonias

My experience with Tita Espie is really great as a first time home buyer. She guided me till we close our escrow. Her knowledge and expertise in real estate is very impressive. I highly recommend Espie Agbayani.

5 sylviajones380

She has excellent professional and personal skills that make the home-buying process a great experience! Highly recommended especially in a market where there are so many others to choose from.

5 janette hebron03

As a new migrant from the Philippines after 1 year, I was able to buy my dream house in Hayward, CA. I am blessed to have met Tita Espie and Will Ahmadi. It was a tough fight but as they say nothing great comes easy. Great thanks!

5 primrosebatac

Ms. Espie Agbayani is very knowledgeable about how she has done the job. She can be reached anytime of the day and any day of the week. She made sure she takes good care of her clients. We thank her so much for everything she has done. If we would be buying another property we would love her to be helping us again. We definitely give her the highest ratings and recommend her to our family and friends.

5 user87286260

Espie was very knowledgeable in getting us into our new home. Not only that but she also brought to my attention of the many programs available for first time homebuyers. Thank you espie so much

5 user43294592

Espie is very helpful and patient. She works really hard to accommodate buyers and sellers, and sensitive to the situation. She is a good listener and a resourceful adviser…she knows the Bay area and Sacramento Valley area since she lived in both areas. A friend in the real estate industry that will help you buy or sell your next home.

5 emmatrias

Espie has always been so professional & always available to help no matter what time of the day. She was very patient with us (7 sellers Under our parents trust) and dealt with us with respect & honesty. She is very knowledgeable about her field of expertise & I will surely recommend her to everyone who needed her service. We put our trust in her all the way. Our home was sold very fast in timely manner, thanks to her. We send our gratitude to Esperanza Agbayani, the best in our neighborhood & community.

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